Summer is growing on me.

This weekend we made Mango Coconut Lime popsicles and Basil Mint Lemonade. The simple act of washing, chopping, and preparing the fruits and herbs had me swirling in gratitude for summertime.

I haven’t always loved summer. Historically, I was more of a fall and winter gal. I love the crunch of leaves under my boots, the bundled-up style that comes with colder temperatures, warm beverages by the fireside, and all the festivities that bring loved ones together.

I still love a great fall [no pun intended], but in the last few years as I have become more in tune with the seasons of nature, I have grown to love every season. And this year, summer feels sweeter than ever.

Summer is a season of abundance and vitality. The vibrant colors in nature invite me to pay attention to what is growing around me and within me. They invite me to truly look at the food on my plate and taste the mango juice before it dribbles down my chin. 

Summer is a season of light and activity. So much possibility awaits as the evenings stay lighter longer. And this light beckons me to play a little more. To get outside, to sweat, to get dirty in the garden, to run, to jump, to hike.

Living in sync with nature’s seasons has transformed the way I live with and honor the rhythms and seasons in my own life. Some seasons are vibrant and abundant. Other seasons dry and quiet. Some seasons are for planting and growing. Other seasons for harvesting and resting.

And in our busied culture, it can be easy [so easy] to continue to run at a fast pace, expecting productivity and fruit all year long. But God knows we need rest. We need seasons. We cannot continue to harvest the same field over and over without taking time to let it rest. Without taking time to plant. Without a season for watering and nourishing.

Dear friend, take time in this transition from spring to summer to reflect on the seasons of your own life. Ask yourself

What kind of season am I in?

How can I best nourish myself at this time?

What kind of exercise, food, spiritual practice, social life, etc. is best for me right now?

Cheers to a happy and healthy summer!

Take good care,


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