My Story

After years of pushing my body to the limit while playing soccer and running marathons and struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I grew tired of it.  My body was fatigued (not to mention bruised, broken, and concussed at many times) and my energy was low.  My digestive problems got in the way of doing the things I love in life.  I was disconnected from my body, didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and knew something had to change.So, change it did.  I started listening to my body.  I began to practice yoga and choose foods that made me feel most alive.  I started to find freedom in gentle movement on my mat and a more peaceful relationship with food.  I became aware of the places in my body where I hold tension and noticed how that impacts me, especially my digestion.  I learned to listen to and connect with my body.  To know when to speed up and when to slow down.  And, as I learned to connect my breath with my movement and my mind with my eating habits, I couldn’t help but connect with my Creator.  I began to observe the deeply intimate connection between the parts of me that I had previously separated.  I realized that my body, my mind, and my soul are all connected and they are all me.  I noticed that when I fed my body well and had balanced exercise, my soul was happier.  I noticed that when my I took time to nourish my soul and to be still, my mind was at ease.

It’s always a practice to connect mind, body and soul.  My digestive stress has significantly decreased.  I have more energy.  I have more confidence in my body.  I have more peace with food.  I have more freedom and balance in exercise and movement.  And, I’m better able to love the people around me because of this positive change in my life.

and now…

I am thrilled to support clients as they as they connect mind, body, and soul and truly come alive.  I’ve had the opportunity to help countless clients change their food and go on to make dramatic, positive changes in their life.