Trauma-Sensitive Workshop Series for Women

June 15, 22, 29, and July 6 | Blessing God’s Way, Strasburg, VA

We all have trauma in our lives – loss of a loved one, injuries and accidents, illness, abuse [physical, emotional, sexual], natural disaster, war – and it impacts each of us differently.

Trauma impacts our whole being and it lands in our bodies, creating more tension and stress.  In order to foster an environment for healing, we must give our bodies careful and tender attention and nourishment.

In this 4-week series for women, we will explore how trauma has landed in our body, mind, and spirit.  We will learn about the impact trauma has on our brain and our body and use various modes and activities to promote healing and resilience. Nothing in this series is mandatory. We are simply creating space to pay attention, observe, and reflect.

instructor bio





Rachel is a certified trauma-sensitive yoga instructor and an integrative health coach. She believes we are created to use our whole being [body, mind, and spirit] joyfully and freely. She delights in guiding women into a more peaceful relationship with their body. She attended the STAR [Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience] Training in Harrisonburg, VA and has found many tools in her own healing journey that she is excited to share. When not coaching or teaching, you can find Rachel on a dirt trail in the Appalachian foothills, in the kitchen testing recipes with her husband Jeff, or in her favorite coffee shop with a friend.


Wednesday June 15th, June 22nd, June 29th, and July 6th from 6-8 p.m.

our time together will include things like:

Gentle yoga and movement


Guided meditation

Art-based creative expressions

Learning about how trauma impacts our brain and body

Invitation to share your discoveries and observations [though this is not mandatory]

Mindfulness practices

workshop series fee

$95 per person

space is limited  

This will be an intimate gathering of 4-8 women in order to create space for you to wander as you need.


Upon signing up, please send a check to Rachel Dollard at 337 Shenandoah Avenue, Winchester, VA 22601. Full payment is requested upon registration. If you need an alternate payment plan, please email or call Rachel.



You’re able to join? Yay!

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Q & A

I’ve never done yoga. Is this for me? 

Absolutely! The yoga portion of the workshops will be very gentle and accessible for all levels. And you are always welcome to opt out completely or take rest. This is your time.

I’m not a writer, journaler, or artist. Is this for me?

Yes! Consider the writing and art sessions an opportunity to pay a little attention to your spirit and nourish your unique voice and story. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy these activities. And you are always welcome to opt out.

That’s my dinner time. Can I bring my own food?

Yes! Please bring a packed dinner or snacks for yourself to enjoy during our time together.

Is this therapy?

While our time together might be therapeutic for you, it is not therapy and is not a replacement for therapy.

Will there be space to step away if I need to do so?

Yes! Blessing God’s Way is a beautiful and cozy birthing cottage. There are a couple different rooms, bathrooms, and outdoor space. You are invited and encouraged to listen to what you need, including stepping away from the group or opting out of any activities.

I cannot make it to all 4 sessions. Can I still participate?

It is to your benefit to attend all 4 sessions, but if you need to miss, let Rachel know and we’ll work with it.

Is this a religious workshop?

No. Rachel is committed to making this space welcoming and safe for participants of all faiths and backgrounds. Every participant is welcome to season their language and experience with their own faith and tradition.

How do I get there?

Blessing God’s Way is located at 460 Orchard Street, Strasburg, VA 22657.

more questions?

Contact and she’ll be in touch!

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